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Flexible Power
PowerShaper is a service which enables you to get paid for allowing us to turn your electrical appliances on and off remotely. The idea is that this will support the flexible operation of the electricity grid and enable more of your energy to be supplied by renewable sources
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Grid operators are responsible for ensuring the good operation of the electricity grid and sometimes they need help to do this. They sometimes pay third-parties, called aggregators, to help them.

In the past these third-parties would run standby generators or get large consumers to turn off. As electric vehicles, heat pumps, and batteries become more common in our homes there is an increasing opportunity for these new technologies to play a role in helping to operate the grid. PowerShaper is a service which will allow homes and small businesses to contribute to grid operations by responding to requests to turn on/off appliances at specific times in specific locations.

How does it work?

Home visit

Carbon Co-op technicians will visit your home and install equipment which will enable certain existing electrical appliances (such as electric vehicle chargers, heat pumps, immersion water heaters, battery storage) to be turned on/off remotely.


We turn things on/off only when we receive a request from grid operators and other parties. They will pay us if we can prove to them that we turned things on/off in the right places at the right times.


We use the data from the smart meter installed by your electricity supplier to prove this to them (but only the small amount of data at the time they asked us to turn things on/off). We fetch this data automatically from the national smart metering system. You don’t need to provide any bills or other readings.

How Do I Get Involved

The first PowerShaper trial has now closed to new participants but if you want to be kept updated about future PowerShaper trials you can sign up to our email list by clicking the button below.

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