A few things to note

    All installation is provided for free. You will be also given some free equipment, excluding battery units.
    You do not need to change supplier and there will be no interruption of your electricity supply after we have installed the equipment.
    We do not bother you with phone calls, text messages asking you to do things yourself, it is all completely automated.
    But if you want we will let you know when something is happening and you will always have the option to say no and opt-out!
    Only appliances that you choose to be enrolled in the service will be controlled – and we will never be turning your TV or washing machine on or off!
    PowerShaper can be used for Electric Vehicles, Battery Units, Solar Inverters and Immersion Heaters.

What next?

You will need to connect your smart meter to participate in Flex: https://carbon.coop/portfolio/smart-meter-data-service/
You do not need to be a Carbon Co-op member to participate, but if you would like to become part of our community, you can sign-up here!: https://carbon.coop